Satyrican Newsletter (Sept 7, 2003)
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Thoughts Galore: Gambler Fallacy.  Not only are gamblers guilty of it, but investors and traders alike are known to dabble with it.  Gambler Fallacy makes "sense" but falls flat after careful examination.

Weekly Harbor: Productivity, once the cornerstone of the New Economy, has fallen on hard time.  We'll look at the impact of productivity on the economy.  We'll also examine how the relationship between wages and productivity act as a gauge of the economy's robustness..  Plus, we'll see if the bull will take next week prize. 

Cash City:
Taking a step back this week to review previous stock selections.  Also a brief commentary on energy and tech stocks.

Next week:  Spurious correlation.  A vital topic in economics and finance.  Unfortunately, too many "pundits" fall into the trap of spurious correlation.