Satyrican Newsletter (August 31, 2003)

Thoughts Galore: Some if not most  investors, whether using fundamental or technical analysis, are guilty of Indicatoris - the tendency to use too much information. We'll see that More is Less, much less.

Weekly Harbor: What is in store for the next month and next week?  I have no clue, and most pundits would give the same respond albeit with a spin.  The market is at the first critical inflection point. 

Cash City:
If something seems too good to be true, it usually is.  But on occasions, the old adage might prove remiss.  This week we'll look at the case for longing First American Corporation.


Satyrican Newsletter (August 24, 2003)

Thoughts Galore: The accepted notion is that in the long run, fundamental analysis will outperform technical analysis.  Upon closer examination, this is not the case.  One simple, very rudimentary rule would have outperform the indices over a 70 year span with the added benefits of less risk and being in the market roughly half the time.  

Weekly Harbor: How are stock prices determined?  Pretty naive question.  We'll delve into this topic and its implication for next week.  Rosy road ahead for equity?

Cash City:
What's the outlook for the housing sector in the next five years?  Fidelity National Financial is so undervalued that it doesn't matter what the housing sector do during the span.


Satyrican Newsletter (August 17, 2003)

Thoughts Galore: Economists have often trumpeted free trade, but theory and reality are rarely congruous.  What are the implication of this discrepancy?  Moreover, who actually benefits from present state of free?  The answer could possibly be Nobody.

Weekly Harbor: What is the outlook for equity market next week?  Not very pleasant if you ask me.  We'll also look into the unappreciated ramifications of a strong dollar.

Cash City:
Blockbuster recent troubles might coerce average investors into shuffling towards the exit.  The astute investors, however, can profit from this extremity.


Satyrican Newsletter (August 10, 2003)

Thoughts Galore: Alpha is taken to be the preferred measurement of risk-adjusted return; even more important, it serves as the primal gauge of money manager performance (risk-adjusted). But does alpha entail more risk than previously thought?

Weekly Harbor:
How shabby will next week be? It might more be more pleasant than nauseating. 

Cash City:
Government inefficiency is a perpetual cause of concern.  From an investor's perspective, why not profit from this tendency?  We'll look at an often-overlooked company, GTSI.


Satyrican Newsletter (August 3, 2003)

Thoughts Galore: Can random walk and technical analysis coexist? So much fuss have gone into examining their mutual exclusiveness. What about a possible inclusiveness?

Weekly Harbor: Last week lackluster market performance might be a harbinger of things to come. Why is the labor market so important? I'll delve into why the housing market has added a new dimension.

Cash City: Last Friday, SBC edged higher while its sector tanked, is SBC on the revival?